‘It gave me a wonderful feeling of calm and going on a different plane’

January 14, 2017

“I take away from this show peace and serenity. It gave me a wonderful feeling of calm and of going on a different plane.”


“I loved the costumes, I loved the dancing, and I thought the synchronization of all the acts was fantastic. It was amazing that human beings could perform this. It almost looked unreal, some of the acts, like the act with the handkerchiefs and the different props they had, which were very simple props but very, very sophisticated. I really loved it. I’ll come back next year.”


“The music was fantastic. It took me to another plane. … I felt the music was almost a bit transcendental, watching the movements of the performers and listening to the music. It just took me somewhere else. It was good. I liked it. Almost a bit Zen-like. I enjoyed it.”