IT Director: ‘So emotionally moved by it’

January 4, 2018

“I wasn’t prepared for how moving it was. I knew the dance would be impressive and the music would be impressive, but emotionally I was so involved in the stories, so emotionally moved by it, it was amazing.”

“[The spirituality] was a really important thing to me. That’s what I found so moving. It was what I really connected with—much more than I expected.”

“I think it was not so much conscious as emotional, to the heart more than intellectual. It wasn’t just thinking about the stories and the dancing and music, but it was the whole total experience, just finding myself in the moment … a feeling of peace and unity.”

“[The dancers] were amazing, absolutely incredible.”

“I really enjoyed the solo as well—the range of emotion that I could feel in the music.”

“I would definitely recommend it. I’m sure I’ll tell all my friends and all my family. I would recommend anyone to come to see it.”