IT Director Says Shen Yun Performers Are Outstanding

April 22, 2018

“I thought it was outstanding. I love the choreography. I love the talent of the artists, both the male and female dancers were just top-tier—it was flawless.”

“I love how they integrated both the backdrop and the scenery; and were able to take the animation of the characters on the back screen [digital backdrop] and bring it down to the stage level and out comes a human to the stage, to finish out that part of the narrative—superbly integrated, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“I think the quality of the performers, … that’s what resonates. So seeing the ability of the dancers and the fantastic history that they are trying to convey was really an exceptional experience for me.”

“It’s very inspiring. It’s uplifting. It’s educational. … I could still see their expressions very well, and they did very well with their expressions, … to do that takes a lot of discipline and a lot of talent.”

“[For] the spiritual elements, I thought that was very enlightening. … So I really appreciate the connection they are trying to make, and also the truth of what’s taking place with the communist society.”

“[A] message that I got from the show is, ultimately, the good is going to triumph evil.”