‘It brings out the devoted spiritual feelings that we all have,’ Lawyer Says

March 4, 2018

“It’s a beautiful artistic presentation with great skill, great passion, devoted performers and very entertaining.”

“The way that the performers interact with the visual video interaction [digital backdrop] with the performers. Color, costumes, smile, artist creativity—it’s a beautiful, beautiful show.”

“I’m a spiritual person and this show tries to bring out the devoted spiritual feelings that we all have inside us. And it expresses it beautifully.”

“This is a wonderful cultural exchange. … This is tremendously valuable, I think it’s valuable for Americans as a whole, Americans of all different kinds of ethnic and religious and racial backgrounds.”

“The art form is beautiful. It’s wonderfully expressive. There is a lot of variety to it. And it shows what the human form can do when organized in this beautiful, creative, traditional manner.”

“I will say that America itself needs a spiritual and innocents and wholesomeness revival and this is a beautiful expression of these ideals in traditional Chinese culture.”