International Dog Show Judge: Shen Yun ‘Evoked a Spiritual Presence’

April 26, 2018

“[It was] really very moving to see these dances.”

“The precision of the dancers, the interpretation, everything is so professional.”

“I was very moved, especially with the beautiful one with the sleeves [‘Han Dynasty Sleeves’ vignette], with the interpretation and the way that the fabric flowed with the movements of the dancers.”

“I could see how the classical Chinese dance and the techniques have inspired many other [dance] forms, contemporary forms, with the athleticism and the beauty of the movement.”

“I can see it [traditional Chinese culture], and they’re very successful in reviving it, especially in bringing the ethnic and some of the regional dances, keeping these alive, and presenting them to the world so that they can be remembered.”

“I heard it [the spirituality] in the impressive aria of the baritone singer. The words were very inspirational, very spiritual and really evoked a spiritual presence that is being captured throughout the performance.”

“I was very happy to see [the spirituality], because I know that there has been a loss of spirituality in the Chinese culture because of political situations over the last century.”

“I see an ancient culture that has been preserved [by Shen Yun performers] with great pride, and all the effort that has been put into this performance.”

“It takes a lot of dedication and devotion to the principles, to the culture, to the spirituality to present this so beautifully.”

“I appreciate the commitment that all the people from Shen Yun, the dancers, choreographers and musicians have put into this performance.”

“I would absolutely recommend [Shen Yun].”