Interior Design Publisher Feels Raised Up by Shen Yun

April 21, 2018

“We loved it. We absolutely loved it. It was fantastic. … It was just a collision of wonderful talent. It was really wonderful.”

“The [backdrop and artwork] were fantastic. I love how the video was interplayed with the real live performance. The costumes were amazing—the colors so vivid. It really was alive. Fantastic!”

“I see honor, loyalty, and love. Those are really the three [values] that came out to me.”

“I felt very spiritual, very raised-up.”

“I loved it all, I really did. I feel like it took us on a journey. Each story was its own little journey, and it all worked together as well. It was really, really nice.”

“Overall experience was excellent. It was vivid. It was peaceful. It was lively. Fantastic. I really, really enjoyed it. ”

“We would definitely recommend it.”