Insurance Company Owner Finds Deep Resonance With Shen Yun Lyrics

January 20, 2018

“The saddest thing is what a beautiful history and culture that is available, and sadly the people in China can’t embrace it, can’t even know about it! How sad! It’s so beautiful.”

“I love the baritone, and the [lyrics], even though they’re in Chinese. Thank you for the words; I’d like to get a copy of that. They were so universal. No matter what your spiritual life is, they apply to almost everyone. It’s just so beautifully done.”

“I didn’t really know what to expect, but I’m enjoying it tremendously. And each [program] is just like a new vision. … Each one brings something new. Lovely.”

“I was in tears. I can just sense it. It’s just so heart-wrenching but heart-warming and very emotional.”