In Shen Yun ‘There was spiritual peace’

December 25, 2016

“Culture has always been a part of our family and this is a special present from my son. I lost my husband one year ago, in July, and he wanted to do something special, and he wanted me to go hear an Italian opera singer, and I said no. The Chinese is what I want to see.”


“This was absolutely breathtaking. Not only the music, but … the dance and the precision of each and every one of those people. Everything, it took me off into another wavelength, if that’s the appropriate word at this time.”


“And it was invigorating, it was like walking outdoors right after a rain and seeing the rainbow! They did a magnificent job and I would encourage my friends to come.”


“There was a spiritual peace. The colors, especially, and I’m familiar with music and how music is soothing and music is a soothing grace, and so is color, and all of that was incorporated in what they did. The company has done a magnificent job, and I salute them. As a humble individual, I salute their talent.”


“Everything was right. The music, the dancing, the colors, and the background and the logistics that [they] used with the people flying in and out—that was magnificent.”