I’ll Leave a Better Person After Shen Yun, Theatergoer Says

March 24, 2018

“It was exquisite. … From the classical dancers of Chinese background … from the vocal singing to the instruments, it was an outstanding performance.”

“It is a perfect collaboration, incorporating the traditional Chinese as well as the musical performance from the orchestra, as well as incorporating the new technology of the digital background.”

“If we reflect on some of the tradition and culture that was done in the presentation, it goes back to the root of spirituality and divinity, and it was very welcoming to receive. …”

“I think this performance would be valuable for any person of any background—the take-away, the calmness, and peace that was provided in the show. I think we could all learn a little bit about the culture and being just better people.”

“I was very inspired, very inspired. I am going to leave here a better person, I think. I will be here next year.”