‘I’d Highly Recommend’ Shen Yun, Patent Attorney Says

April 7, 2018

“I thought it was really elegant.”

“I am very impressed with the Chinese culture, and I see it really coming back now.”

“I tend to agree with [the spirituality in the performance]. … I believe that we’re spiritual beings, and I was curious as to why that was brought out so much in the performance there, the relation to our spiritual nature.”

“I was actually surprised they were referring to the Creator, happily surprised. I sure liked it.”

“[The dancers] were beautiful people. … It comes from the inside and shows on the outside.”

“I am a patent attorney, so I noticed that [Shen Yun has] a patented [backdrop animation].”

“I’d highly recommend it. It’s a lot different than anything we would ordinarily see on the American stage.”