Ice Skater Wants to Try out Shen Yun Dancers’ Rotations on the Ice

March 9, 2018

“We thoroughly enjoyed it, we enjoyed the artistry, the precision, and the synchronicity of all the group numbers, the details, the placements of the hands and the movements of the arms. … Very expressive too, very expressive.”

“Smooth, elegant, just the way they flow from one movement to the next is unlike any of the dance genres that we have seen.”

“I noticed they had a lot of circular motions like when they did the pinwheel rotations with the one arm going above the other, it just had a very nice flow to it, and it’d be interesting to try it on the ice too, one of these days.”

“I like that they added a bit of the spirituality to the performance. … I think dancers are another expression of the human soul, like using our bodies as instruments, like how the erhu soloist played.”

“We play the violin too. And I can appreciate the erhu a lot. I know it has a lot of similarities to the violin, too. So it’s just fascinating for me to watch and listen to as well.”