Ice Skater Sees Shen Yun Performers Benefit From Their Spiritual Background

March 9, 2018

“It was magnificent, very very intricate, very beautiful.”

[The dancers were] absolutely, absolutely fantastic, very professional, very expressive. We loved it absolutely. … Very, very skilled, top of their class, world-class.”

“It’s very well-rounded. and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the movement that starts from the chest that moves through the body into the arms, and it was just very smooth—I loved it.”

“It was really interesting to see the Chinese storylines and understand more the culture through them, and how they’re all explained so we all understood and very entertaining, and very educational.”

“I would say, just from the culture, and style of dance that I absolutely love, and I would love to come see it again just to study it and understand more about how they move, just the style.”

“I absolutely think they benefit from that [their cultivation of truthfulness, compassion, and forbereance], because without that spiritual background, it would not give them the fortitude to able to perform the way they do out there on stage, and I can see that when they perform, the background in them.”