‘I Will Definitely Come Back Next Year,’ Says Director

April 1, 2017

“It was fabulous… The scenery was fabulous, the choreography was fabulous, and I loved the way they incorporated the backdrop into the dances; it seemed as if they [dancers] were coming right off the background.”

“They [Shen Yun dancers] are very talented. It’s much more than I expected.” 

“It makes me feel very happy, enlightened, and wonderful.” 

“[It’s] very surprising in terms of how nice it was, all the colors, the music. We liked that they had the musical performers as well. That was unexpected, too.”

“I liked the Buddhist monk story. That was adorable. It was just very touching.”

“I would encourage [friends] to come. It’s an enjoyable evening. It’s money well spent, and I will definitely come back next year.”