‘I love the flow of it,’ Business Owner Says

March 25, 2018

“I love the colour, the music, and the dance.”

“From my perspective, I identify with a lot of those values [depicted in the show] but they aren’t necessarily represented in the broader context in today’s society. Clearly the message that I’ve seen so far I identify with. I think they represent the values of … some traditions that we all as humanoids hold.”

“I love the flow of it. I love the combination of music and the athleticism. It’s very enjoyable. I’m totally impressed by it, by the artistic value and the athleticism of it. It’s very creative.”

What I was thinking as I was watching it is that I’m going to have coffee with my brother next week I’m going to be sure to tell him about this: ‘It has a kind of interesting perspective, you should see it.’”