‘I have nothing but praise’ For Shen Yun

February 24, 2018

“I came not knowing what to expect, having only seen pictures, and one of the first things I noticed is obviously the production value, the lighting, the costuming, the sound, and quite frankly, I loved every minute of it. It’s a beautiful production.”

“Part of my business is video production, and to see the video [digital backdrop] and how it added to the show and [interacted with] the dancers, it just transformed them from the stage into a living environment. I loved the video.”

“Just reading the words [on the digital beackdrop], as the soprano sang, and watching her face and hearing the emotion in her voice, it’s a very powerful statement.”

“[I] especially appreciated the [vignette] about persecution. I’ve worked in some of the Christian areas, some of the productions I’ve done, and there’s persecution all over the world. To see these young people be able to bring that to a stage and bring it to life with so much emotion, it was very touching, very moving.”

“A show like this can be really eye-opening and expose people to cultural things that happen around the world that we would never know.”

“I’m a skeptic. I come to live shows expecting to somehow pick them apart a little bit. I have nothing but praise [for Shen Yun].”