‘I have never seen anything like it’

January 31, 2017

“Superb. I have never seen anything like it—it is unique. The dancing and the music and orchestra just blew me away! Beautiful! I have trained as a drama teacher, so I like acting and so on, but this dancing and music was brilliant.”


“Every time I would think ‘that’s my favourite,’ then the next [piece] would come up. But I loved ‘Yellow Blossoms,’ that one was superb, superb. The visuals were amazing.


“It wasn’t just the colour, but the colour was lovely, it was the synchronization, the way they did the synchronization, the shapes, the changes. I just found that [dance] amazing.”


“There is a very strong message of spirituality … of goodness, and we need that in the world, especially today.”


“Today we have a new generation and I just hope they understand and appreciate what went before as well, and not be, as the message said, too materialistic. That’s so important.


“It doesn’t matter if you have the latest purse or the latest shoes. It’s nice, but know where we are from and keep our core.”