‘I found the show very sophisticated and very humble’

December 30, 2017

“It was very impressive, the level of skill the dancers had, and they really embodied the Chinese spirit.”

“I was really impressed by the skill level. I call it the perfect Chinese princess spirit, not in a bad way—it’s very proper, they’re very polite and elegant.”

“I found the show very sophisticated and very humble at the same time. It embodies that, it captures the culture really well that way. It was quite a surprising display of talent and physical ability. Very impressed.”

“I was born in Canada, but my parents are from Hong Kong, mixed, also from Taiwan. … I just wanted to get in touch with my roots, so it was nice to get in touch with that, be immersed in that. It’s very good way to immerse yourself in some Chinese culture.”


Angela Cheng, management consulting, public speaking, coaching
National Arts Centre, Ottawa, Canada
Shen Yun New York Company
December 29, 2018