‘I felt like I was given a gift’ at Shen Yun

'I felt spiritually lifted,' Property Manager Says
February 23, 2018

“The costumes were on point. The synchronicity was stunning, flawless. The comedy was well-dispersed. The message was beautiful—spiritual message. … It was spectacular—everything was perfection.”

“They also brought [in] the divine, that everything comes from the divine like there was no specific religion—it’s just the spiritual nature of human beings.”

“I felt like I grew. I felt like I was given a gift. I felt spiritually lifted. I felt almost that transcendence you get when you pray or when you meditate.”

“At one point, I almost felt that the energy of the artistry, the energy of everything together as an art form. It just came into my body and changed my mind—it changed my mind about everything.”

“I feel like this just brings another part of the world, a beautiful part of the world into everyone’s consciousness, and what better gift to give humankind.”