‘I feel like I’m flying right now,’ University Fashion Instructor Says

March 4, 2018

“The costumes are amazing. The production was beautiful. Myself and my husband are long-time meditators. So this is extremely meaningful to us. And now that we’ve seen it, we want to come back every year.”

“It was beautiful. To be able to read it in the [program] book first and then to see it—it was so meaningful.”

“We recognized much of the Buddhist and Taoist philosophy. My husband is a scholar of Buddhism and Taoism. So we appreciated it so much. It was just a phenomenal experience. I feel like I’m flying right now.”

“It was so beautiful—the colors, the long sleeves, the flowing. I tried to study the shapes for pattern making purposes. … I think this production is the best I’ve ever seen. It stands among the highest.”

“I’m very happy to know that there are five troupes now touring the world. So this is very exciting and hopefully over time, perhaps this wonderful art can once again, and the philosophy, be practiced in China. We hope so.”

“So to be able to see the art that comes from all the stories of Buddhism and Taoism, the magical qualities, is very inspiring. And it helps us to live more happily in the world and knows that there is a purpose to life.”