Painter Says Shen Yun ‘Opened a portal to a spiritual dimension’

March 4, 2018

“It opened a portal to a spiritual dimension and a culture I did not know. Thank you, thank you to Shen Yun for bringing this to us and for having the vision to preserve what has been snuffed out from our awareness. … It is necessary and essential to humanity.”

“Every time the heaven is opened and the beings came from heaven and appeared amongst us. I was so happy and graceful … I feel that and they are here with us. They are with you and with me. And when we connect with that, then we are in safe territory.”

“I recognize steps I have never seen. For example, the heel first, and then toe, the leaps, the flips. And the fact that flipping started in traditional Chinese dance was a revelation to me.”

“I’m dancing right now to show you because words can’t describe what they did up there, which was extraordinary, and unlike anything else anywhere else on planet Earth.”

“It’s the magic. It’s the grace, it’s the faith. And it’s above and beyond physical, human limitations. They went beyond. That doesn’t happen through indoctrination, through rigorous practice—this comes from spirit. There is no other way you get it.”

“The Chinese word for medicine originates from the Chinese word for music, and I feel healed tonight.”