‘I Could Feel the Tenderness and Sincerity’ of the Soloists, Company Owner Says

March 1, 2018

“I was here last year for it. And it was so phenomenal last year. I had to come again. … It was phenomenal tonight. I couldn’t tell you which piece I liked best of all. Because it was all so fabulous and so beautiful.”

“The ending was just heart-wrenching … we don’t know what our freedom means to us here, until we see people that don’t have those freedoms, and want to worship and they cannot. And it is so sad but it is so beautiful.”

“The artistic ability of the people on the stage, phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. I cannot imagine anybody having that talent.”

“I love the music. It is so soothing and calming and peaceful. And the colors—magnificent.”

“The coloring of the costumes blends with everything in the background. So gorgeous.”

“The two singers [soloists] were fabulous—magnificent voices. And having the words of what they were singing. It meant so much because I could feel the tenderness and the sincerity of the words in their hearts.”