Hyundai Director Could ‘Feel the Joy in the Artistry’ of Shen Yun Performers

'Everything seem like just watching the sunrise'
February 24, 2018

“I really enjoyed the combination of the Western orchestra and the Chinese orchestra pieces. That was wonderful.”

“I was really surprised at the similarities between Western religion and the Falun Dafa. There’s a lot of similarity there. I was not expecting that. The similarities of Heaven and a central being and bringing people back to life even—it was just a very interesting kind of experience for me.”

“I believe very strongly in strong values like that, and to see them reflected in the performances was a very enjoyable part. The performances and just the beauty and splendor of it all just made everything seem like just watching the sunrise.”

“I felt a lot more connected to the performers, and I think the audience did too. I could feel a commonness of spirit with the audience and the performers, and that’s what made this show such a fabulous thing to watch and really experience. Not just watch it, but you could feel it too!”

“I was just enthralled with it. I think it was almost two and a half hours, and it seemed like a very short period of time. I was disappointed when it was done.”

“I could feel the colors. I could feel the joy in the artistry that was going on. That I think to me was the most wonderful part of the experience; I felt it more than I experienced it.”

“I could see in the facial expressions how much joy they had in performing for everyone, and I would just like to thank them for the experience because I’ll never forget it.”