Human Rights Activist: My Soul Jolted When the Curtain Lifted

February 7, 2014 Updated: February 9, 2014

KOBE, Japan—Shen Yun Performing Arts International Company, after ending a successful 4-day tour in Tokyo, graced the stage at Kobe International House for the first of three performances in Kobe City, Kansai.

Nakaso Chitsuko, both a human rights activist and educator, after seeing Shen Yun, said “Immediately after the rise of the curtain, I was immersed in the performance on stage. My soul was blessed by something never before seen. Then, tears began streaming down my face.”

New York-based Shen Yun is the world’s premier classical Chinese dance and music company. Formed in 2006, the company has quickly grown to four touring groups that perform to thousands around the world, according to the company’s website.

Her first time seeing Shen Yun, Ms. Chitsuko said “Gorgeous. A true artistry. The different ethnic costumes were beautiful. I was so interested in the different themes in the performance—from Manchu and other ethnic minorities to essences of ancient history.”

The performance is comprised of short dances that tell of ancient legends, myths, and stories from modern day.

“The music was delightful to the ears. And when it was combined with the graceful dance, oh my, a real treat to the heart and the mind. I hope that all Japanese people will come to see this at least once,” she added.

Shen Yun tours with a live orchestra made up of both Chinese and Western instruments.

She elaborated further that “the flipping and jumping were truly lovely. And there was the dance with long-sleeves. And the story, … Journey to the West, and the traditions of the Manchu people and other ethnic minorities were nearly lost forever. But with Shen Yun, people can understand the glory of the Chinese history. It was really special to see so much history. I mean, when thinking back on any of the programs, anyone could simply be lost in her thoughts.”

What impressed Ms. Chitsuko the most was the first program, where the Gods descended to earth with the Creator, which marked the beginning of 5,000 years of civilization. “At the very moment that the curtain raised up, something about the air, I felt that I was immersed in a powerful energy, cleansing my body. Then, tears began streaming down my face,” she said.

Finally, Ms. Chitsuko added “Seeing the last program, when Gods came to rescue the people in time of great danger, I was completely awestruck by such a powerful image. I am a Catholic. At that precise scene, I felt like as if memories from billions and billions of years came back to life on the animated backdrop. There was such an energy, engulfing every single one of us.”

Reporting by Niu Bin and Frank Fang
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