HR Consultant Loves the Culture Displayed in Shen Yun

March 26, 2017

“It was wonderful, I loved it. It’s a very good combination of music, dance and the cultural aspects. I come from an Indian background, so I really respect the cultural aspects that they were trying to portray. This is a very harmonious performance.”

“I believe it’s very hard work behind [the orchestra], because having so many instruments altogether, as well as having the harmony of the East and Western instruments and classical instruments.”

“I play the Indian drums. So I could relate to a lot of the music areas as well. It was wonderful, the kind of energy they were putting into it, and working together with all the other performances, like the dancers and the music.”

“We value both the material and spiritual aspects of life, and this message was really conveyed well through the performances, especially the last one, I really loved it.”

“[Truth and compassion] are values that are globally needed … we really should look for these values.”