Hospitality Director Enjoys Traditional Chinese Culture in Shen Yun

December 26, 2017

“It is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. The artistry, the dancing, the way the performance is choreographed. The beautiful outfits that they are wearing. It is beyond belief in my wildest dreams—I am enjoying it more than you could ever imagine”

“I would say the brilliance in artistry, the form of dance—the dance is beautiful. Absolutely, the story is so wonderful.”

“I feel so moved about the way they are telling their story in the light they have been through and what goes on.”

“The way [Shen Yun performers] portray how [traditional Chinese] culture is, the fine artistry of their culture as well as some of the things that they go through in their culture that they cannot perform this, they cannot do this there, but they can do this here in America.”

“[I see] the hope, the desire, the profound spiritual wanting to pursue [traditional Chinese culture].”