History Professor: Shen Yun Shows Why ‘China is an incredibly impressive civilization’

January 20, 2017

“It was splendid. Beautifully choreographed. It has got splendid visuals. It gives you an immense breadth on historical narrative of ancient Chinese heritage, including music. And it takes you from one end of China to Tibet and elsewhere. The drumming is absolutely superbly crafted.” 


“I was thinking I would love to take my students over and use this as an introduction to Chinese culture. Well-done.” 


“[It] introduces you not just to the extent of the events of historical narrative of China, but actually about values and what really made China an enormously, incredibly impressive civilization. 


“It is not your usual performance which basically looks at gymnastics, acrobatics, and so on. It is trying to weave a certain sense of values in what is most appreciative about the permanent narrative of Chinese culture and civilization — what made it into an enormously valuable and contributing civilization and world history.” 


“I am a Jesuit-trained ex-monk. So for me, I think the monk that apparently had some special powers with the broomstick (“Super Monk”) was one of the possibly most touching moments. It fundamentally suggests to you really that, in the most dire period in one’s personal life, when you are in the middle of conflict, one thing that is always valuable, and always can defeat violence, which essentially is a sense of internal peace and using of compassion and care for each other.”