Shen Yun Shows Ancient Chinese Culture Very Compassionate

February 18, 2018

“I thought the stories were very interesting, and in each of the small short stories, you could actually see how the story developed … I found that very interesting. Some of them were very touching. And I thought the woman that played the instrument with the two strings, I thought she was brilliant.”

“I thought it was very cultural, I learned a lot about the Chinese culture.”

“I have learned is that [it’s a] very intelligent, very compassionate, very religious culture, and the morality of the culture comes out in the [dances].

“It’s interesting because it tells us that we all came from heaven, and we come down here to learn and find our way back there, and I think that is a very interesting concept. … Energy is a really interesting thing, and I think in the culture [they] are saying that the energy never ends, so that’s interesting.”