Retired Air Force Colonel Loves Every Single Minute of Shen Yun Performance

February 3, 2018

“It was stunning. It’s the best performance I’ve seen in a long time. [I] loved it, every single minute.”

“You can see actually the passion of the performance through the dance, so it touches you, basically. That’s why I like it. They communicate very well.”

“[The dancers are] hard-working people, all of them. Very, very professional, stunning. Honestly, I can’t believe it.”

“I love [the music]. Actually, I bought all the DVDs to have in my car coming back home. I like that kind of music, very ancient and modern at the same time, a very good combination of ancient instruments and modern instruments.”

“You can see the passion of the singer. It’s something that we can share no matter what language you speak.”

“Through all the [dance pieces], you can see … the 5000 years of history, how Chinese culture is. I’m very grateful for [Shen Yun] to show us, and I hope to see more next year.”

“Very nice storyline. It gave us an understanding, a little bit more of Chinese culture. … It’s culture for everyone, so everyone should be sharing.”

“They make you understand what is the [situation] that they’re coming from, the actual situation in China, and it’s a shame that they cannot perform that in their own country.”

“Next time that they [family] come, we’ll see where [Shen Yun] performs, and bring them [family] for sure. And it’s available for every single age, which I love. I see kids, they’re enjoying it, a lot of people. Fantastic.”

“Amazing. Revealing, and definitely divine.”

“[To the artists] keep up the hard work, and thank you for sharing with us.”