TCM Ways to Prevent, Delay, and Reduce Farsightedness

Traditional Chinese medicine and nutrients may be useful for those facing presbyopia

Presbyopia is a condition in which the ability to adjust the eyes decreases, making it difficult to see things up close. In general, it’s related to age. Most people begin to experience a gradual decline in vision when they’re 40 years old, especially their ability to see close objects, and their vision gets blurred.

Lin Mingyu, director of Yuqun Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic in Taiwan, mentioned in an article that when people enter middle age, most will face the problem of presbyopia and vision degeneration. In order to prevent, delay, and reduce presbyopia, it’s recommended to eat more high-lutein foods, such as papaya and corn, and exercise regularly. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) can also provide a form of treatment.

Lin said that after a person reaches 40, the body gradually declines, presbyopia takes place, and the feeling of blurred vision becomes more and more obvious. Reading, typing, and watching mobile phones will gradually become difficult.

He shared his own experience. Although he’s more than 60 years old, he could still read characters of font size 10 on a computer, which made those who are presbyopic jealous. Unexpectedly, at the end of 2021, Lin began to feel that reading became difficult, and he had to change the font size to 12 in order to read clearly.

Lin was alerted to the deterioration of his eyesight and used his expertise to prepare medicinal herbal tea immediately for nourishing yin, such as Cochinchinese asparagus root tuber, submature bitter orange, the prepared rhizome of adhesive rehmannia, Cornus officinalis, and others. After consuming the tea for a month, his eyesight had improved, and he could see the words in font size 10 again easily.

Lin attributed his good eyesight without myopia and presbyopia to the gift of good genes as well as his own set of health tips.

First, adjust the diet. Vegetables and fruits such as papaya and corn are important vegetables for all four seasons. Because they’re rich in lutein, they can supplement the nutrients needed by the eyes and are a good foundation for health.

Second, people should do more outdoor activities and take appropriate rest to relax eye muscles. He maintains his physical strength by playing tennis regularly every week.

Lin observed in his clinic that some middle-aged patients constantly change eyeglasses due to eye fatigue. Taking care of eyes should start in middle age. The problem of eye adjustment can’t be solved completely by glasses. People can do more outdoor activities and take appropriate rest to relax their eye muscles.

Finally, Lin said that TCM treatment could improve the adjustment of the eyes, and early use of Chinese medicine can improve, delay, and reduce presbyopia.

Although taking care of the eyes is a little late if you’re already 60, according to his personal experience, taking appropriate steps can partially improve eye dryness and fatigue.

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