Healing Artist Says Shen Yun Can Heal the Spirit

April 14, 2017

“I come to Argentina to dance. I love dance. To find this with the history of dance, that’s much more special…. It was kind of magical the way it happened. It wasn’t the plan but it was very clear the universe wanted us to come. It was definitely everything coming together to say, ‘You’re supposed to be here now,’ and we had a great day!”

“I’m a very spiritual person. And my spirituality is resonant. … I believe that there really is magical energy that is part of the Creator. And that is what my life is dedicated to. So this is the perfect thing because this is my magic dragon. And my magic dragon and I, the universe brought us here, and I’m very very grateful. I’m grateful for the “Shen Yun“ group.

“It’s a statement of just allow individuals to be individuals. And touch God in a way that is true to them. And obviously this has fabulous beauty. And whether or not this is your exact way, the dance and the music touches everyone.”

“It’s touching spirits. Spirits heal. I kind of got into it, and studied the history and watched the trailer, and listen to other people talk about it. It’s healing in the fact again that it’s saying, God is a part of reality. And it doesn’t matter what your God is, or how you God moves, if God is lifting spirit, energy, dance, colours, energy, dance, in you, and that should be happening.”