Graphic Designer Enjoys Shen Yun Dances and Backdrop

“The visuals with the big screen are beautiful. And the dances are amazing, and the costumes are just so amazing and beautiful.”
“[The dancers] make it look effortless, and that’s amazing, because I know it’s very difficult, what they do. And they move so light on their feet … like they’re just floating. Even the men also seem so light, you don’t even hear their feet coming down.”
“The persecution [of Falun Dafa] … it’s very sad, and it’s not fair, and I’m glad that people can come to America and tell their story and not feel persecuted. … People should be allowed to practice their beliefs freely.”

Stephanie Haumueller, graphic designer
San Francisco, United States
Shen Yun New York Company
January 7, 2017