Government Director: ‘It was fantastic. I loved every bit of it’

December 30, 2017

“It was fantastic. I loved every bit of it.”

“The choreography was spectacular, but what really surprised me was how well they integrated the computer-generated images in the background into the live choreography and the dancing. It was wonderful. It’s spectacular, just unbelievable. Very professional, very well done.”

“The stories were very good. They’re nice little short stories that we call fables. They impart a bit of wisdom from the culture, with some lighthearted way of illustrating lessons learned. I found it very enjoyable.”

“[Regarding the emcee’s introduction that traditional Chinese culture is divinely inspired,] to think that our cultures came from above, there’s something very solidifying, having that type of culture and belief system.”

“I think that it was wonderful, and I would certainly recommend it to all my friends.”