General Manager Inspired by Shen Yun’s Story of ‘Journey to the West’

March 24, 2018

“I first saw Shen Yun two years ago and this time I had a complete set of different feelings.”

“It is so rare to have this kind of opportunity to immerse myself in this kind of culture.”

“There is the perfect coordination—between the dance, the color, and the [digital] backdrop. I am just so touched by what I have seen.”

“This is about telling people to be good. And this part is missing in our society nowadays. It fills the emptiness within our hearts.”

“The story of ‘Journey to the West’ really touched me. … The sharp contrast between good and evil … this surely inspires me, and this can do good to people and our society.”

“I am stunned. … It is like heaven on earth, … I feel like I have been taken back to the ancient past.”