Foundation President Enjoys the Beauty of Human Goodness at Shen Yun

February 25, 2018

“The costumes are gorgeous. They have a sharp [color] contrast and have a delicate balance of beauty and elegance. Take the long sleeves, for example, the dancers could easily show their moves, going from the stage to flying in the air … It was just beautiful—truly quite a feast.”

“The colors are both classic and novel—having sharp contrasting colors, with the green accompanying the tangerine … coupled with the dancing movements, everything seemed so vivid.”

“One of the programs was quite sad. And I did hear the sound of crying near where I was sitting. And then I began to shed tears myself. Finally, I realized that people around me were all shedding tears.”

“Whether it is about falling in love or hanging up one’s sword, Shen Yun has shown us the human spirit—how one gives up being bad—becoming good. And this [spirit] strikes you right at your heart and soul. This is truly amazing.”

“I believe there is deep spiritual significance behind the performance, which is goodness within our morality … this is educational and beautiful as well.”

“While in pain and suffering, the performance shows that compassion can still be awakened within people … because every one of us has a spiritual side within us … people can be forgiven and people can change for good.”

“I believe they are amazing because they show us the most beautiful parts of human nature through this art form, to make an impact in our current materialistic world. This is unbelievable. I want to pay kudos for their effort.”