Former Texas Mayor Reaffirms Her Belief in Human Spirit After Seeing Shen Yun

January 7, 2018

“The show means for me that you can’t kill the human spirit regardless of politics, and I used to be mayor of a city here in Texas, so I’ve seen how politics can help people and not help people. And I think it’s amazing to me how we as human beings will always emerge regardless of the restraints that are put upon us, and that’s what this means to me. The beauty and the grace and as you said: the divine spirit.”

“How the human spirit in human beings will overpower bad, and go back to good, and love, and reach back toward it.”

“The beauty [of the dancers] is the grace, the elegance, the cooperation among human beings to synchronize and be in one soul and one heart … The human spirit is such a beautiful thing and goes into the body. It brings out the beauty of the body, the human body, and the spirit altogether in one.”

“I love the lyrics. Beautiful. Very poignant. Very deep for today’s world.”