Former Renowned Australian Ballet Dancer Says Shen Yun is Magical and Flawless

March 24, 2017

“I think it’s just magical. This is the fourth time I’ve seen the Shen Yun Company and I can’t believe how perfect they are. I was never going to come again because I can’t stand the fact that they’re so perfect. It makes me jealous. If only we could get that perfection in classical ballet. We try but somehow or another we just don’t get there.”

“I thought the choreography really suited the themes that were presented. … I think the work of the men really is different from the work of the females. The females are more graceful and the men show a lot of virility and style. Dance really is timeless and countryless—it’s all embracing.”

“I couldn’t believe the perfection and the eye to detail in the classes, it really comes out in the performances. The technique is flawless, really it is.”

“I would like to say to them [the lovers of dance in Australia], you should come to see a performance because you’ll be really surprised that perhaps a company, a purely ethnic company, has so much to give.”


“I can’t wait for the next time. So thank you very much.”