Shen Yun’s Artistic Display is ‘Second to None’, Says Former Pala Councilmember

February 3, 2018

“The title of the divine beings dancing is the perfect title, because I think the artistic display and the movement is second to none.”

“I feel that the dancers and the choreography are amazing.”

“The artistic part is interesting, because I see a blend of the old and the new, and it’s really nice to see ancient Chinese culture blended with modern Chinese culture—not just in the historical display of the dancing, but also in the cinematography, and the background, and the dancers coming together, with the digital arts and the performing arts. I think it’s just a beautiful, beautiful display.”

“The visual elements that impressed me the most I think are the colors and the movement. … I like the spinning and the different positions of the bodies; I like the way that the bodies are holding the expressions of the dancers. I think that it’s beautiful.”

“The live orchestra and coordination with the dances is perfect. I like the timing of the movement with the bodies and the orchestra together, it’s fabulous.”

“The performance is providing me insight to Chinese culture dating back thousands of years, and bringing it all the way up to the modern time, and I think that it’s a wonderful history lesson all wrapped up into one performance.”

“The experience is one of culture and history and learning and education.”

“I think that it’s such a wonderful night out in San Diego, and I would be happy to come back.”