Former Musician, Singer ‘Would Like to Meet’ Shen Yun Composers

April 4, 2018

“It’s wonderful. I would recommend [Shen Yun] to anyone; just lovely. I enjoyed all the stories. I like the background [digital projection], the culture in there, and the different stories.”

“There was a deep meaning and feeling there, but there was also humor and sensitivity, … It just ran the whole gamut of emotions. I was glad to see the one particular instrument, the erhu.”

“The singing was wonderful. I enjoyed it very much.”

“[The orchestra] was great. Wonderful, [I] enjoyed it very much – very artfully done. I’d like to meet those composers someday, … [and ask] how they put it all together.”

“I’m going to re-read the program, and I’m going to think about each [vignette]. Some of them were more spiritual than the others, and I’m just going to remember that. It was much more spiritual than I thought it would be.”