Former MPP Feels the Passion and Compassion of Shen Yun’s Dance

March 2, 2017

“It’s mesmerizing, it’s beautiful … it’s calming.”


“The colours are resonating, and just the flow of everybody together, harmonizing together—that is a beautiful, beautiful experience.”


“You can tell by the expressions on everyone’s face that they are loving every minute of being here tonight, and we are very grateful.”


“The fact that everybody has their own passions that they embrace themselves and how they feel, you can see that in this performance here tonight, that they are so much embracing where they are and how they feel. 


“That’s relevant to life every day, that we all have our own passions and commitments that we believe in, and how strong we are to hold on to those. 


“Watching that in my own life, it folds out into that … watching the passion and the compassion of how they feel in the dance and the instruction of the dance. It’s overwhelming for me. I’ve absolutely loved every minute of it.”


“Tonight, I can say this: Everybody come out and enjoy this show. It is spiritual, it is humbling, it is embracing, and I think everybody deserves to have an opportunity to feel the way that I feel with my daughter and her boyfriend tonight.”