Former First Lady of Alabama Returns to See Shen Yun for the Third Time

January 28, 2018

“Love it. This is my third year to see it. I’ve never missed it when it comes to Birmingham. We are so happy that Birmingham hosts it. And it is a different show. Every time you see something different. But the talents and the dedication, I am in awe of the talent of these young people.”

“But just the music, I am about to go buy a CD of the music. The music, just the costumes, the dedication, and the talent, it is just the best to get in town.”

“I enjoy the music very much. Yes. I am a dancer. So I enjoy the dancing. And just so precise and never off a fraction, it is just an amazing thing to watch, that much talent from that many people.”

“Yes, way to learn so much about China. It is very educational. The amount of story they can tell with no words, just motions, is just an awesome thing to witness. It is just absolutely wonderful. I highly recommend it for anyone, and to bring your children and your grand-children. So that we can learn more about China.”

“It [gymnastics] came from China. And that’s something that I learn, again, today. The discipline of the instruments, I have never heard, I am not sure what that instrument [erhu] was called, I have never heard that before. And so I was in awe of that as well.”