Former Dancers Impressed By Shen Yun’s Technique, Precision

January 24, 2018

“It was fantastic, stunning, spectacular. The precision was incredible … Really awesome.”

“[The dancers] were amazing. The technique was unbelievable. I was very, very impressed. [As a former dancer] I can’t watch dance without really scrutinizing the technique. To me it was amazing. … When they were dancing all together … they were very precise. They worked well as a team.”

“Wonderful—[the dancers’] facial expressions and their emotional portrayal of the storylines.”

“It was an introduction to traditional Chinese dance that I’ve never seen before. To me, as a dancer from a whole different world, it was a beautiful eye-opening. And also the cultural context of modern China, which is foreign to me. … To learn about the oppression that’s been going on is important, an important message [referring to two dance stories depicting the persecution of the adherents of the Falun Dafa spiritual practice by the communist regime in China].”