Former Dancer: Shen Yun Dancers’ ‘All Very Precise, and It’s Lovely’

January 27, 2018

“I think what I am most enjoying is the understanding of Chinese dance because I am a former dancer, so I studied a lot of dance, and I am enjoying hearing about the dance and the combination of dance and martial arts.”

“I can tell there is a great deal of study and training of the performers; they’re all very precise, and it’s lovely.”

“I like the way that the women dancers glide. Their bodies are held very erect, but their feet move very smoothly and quietly. I like the height of the acrobatics.”

“Many years ago, [I] performed various places in the U.S. for the Emmy Awards on a couple of occasions, just the various venues. … I appreciate the study and I appreciate the discipline.”

“It made me sad that this could not be shown in China. It makes me feel sad that the ancient cultures are being lost over there because of … repression.”