Former Dancer: ‘It’s like they’re flying’

January 6, 2018

“I think the show is beautiful. … The technique is incredible. I used to be a dancer, so I can really appreciate seeing how great they are and how in sync they are and how well done it is … I did classical, ballet, jazz, hip-hop, [and] ballroom.”

“The dancers are great. They’re all like one. They’re all as if there’s one dancer, not so many of them, so they’re really great in sync. They all have superb technique, and they’re so effortless, it’s like they’re flying! … To have so many talented dancers together is always a nice treat for choreographers, and to perform with them, I’m sure they’re having a great time.”

“It makes me want to get up there and flow and sway with them!”

“It’s so colorful, and I think that’s nice. It’s not often that you see a performance where everything is colorful all around.”

“It’s vibrant, emotional. … It makes you a little bit sad, but then it makes you laugh at the same time. It’s very colorful and vibrant and beautiful, just beautiful. For me, it was something new. I’ve never seen something like this, so to see it all in one big show is a great takeaway. Now I feel like I know more closely of Chinese culture that I didn’t before.”