Former Dancer Inspired ‘To Appreciate Beauty More’

March 11, 2018

“Beautiful show. I really enjoyed it. It was very clear. I liked the gentleman and the lady explaining [about] the next [vignette], the dancing, and the culture. Beautiful. I love the scenery and how the entertainers interacted with the scenery, the flying back and forth. Beautiful music, beautiful orchestra, beautiful costumes. I really enjoyed it.”

“Beautiful dancing, excellent. They’re very well-trained, very graceful with beautiful costumes.”

“Every dance had a story, and it was very beautiful, and it was explained to us, which was very nice.”

“The performance was telling a story of different times in the Chinese culture, … the different dynasties, different stories, and how it all progressed. It was very educational, very interesting.”

“[It] inspired me, … to appreciate beauty more, beautiful music, beautiful scenery, culture, so there’s a lot of aspects to it.”

“It makes you think [that you] should be more spiritual.”

“It’s very peaceful. … It was interesting to see also the progress of China towards more freedom. We enjoyed that. And the finale was great, because the Chinese people are seeing the light, meaning more freedom, or they’re trying to get more freedom from the communist [regime], so it was really, really nice.”