Former Dancer Inspired by Shen Yun

January 13, 2018

“I really, really loved it because of how powerful it was, how much I could feel the passion of the dancers. I could see right through their expressions, how much they really loved their dance, how much they were into it. It was really beautiful.”

“I felt the colors were very striking, they were very well chosen, the costumes were absolutely beautiful, the whole production as a whole was just really striking. And it wasn’t just about the dancing, it was about everything involved, the colors, everything.”

“I’ve never really looked into it [Chinese culture], … I never knew how colorful and beautiful and almost magical it really is, so the stories were really well portrayed through the dance.”

“It’s very spiritual as a culture.”

“What I bring away is how much I really miss ballet dancing, because it was so inspiring to the point where, I think it may have inspired me to turn back to my roots in ballet.”

“The emotion behind the whole performance, the story lines, and the constant smiles on the dancers’ faces, it just looked so easy, they made it look very simple to do, very whimsical, as if it took almost no effort at all.”

“So much detail went into such a short amount of time.”

“I would recommend this to anybody, I think anybody could take away something from a show like this.”