Former Czech Culture Minister Touched by Shen Yun’s Message of ‘Hope and Love’

February 22, 2018

“It’s really nice, it’s touching my heart.”

“I think that [Shen Yun is] important for the world, because the world of today, it’s not an easy world; and I think that in many countries including communist China, [there] are people who believe in God, in spiritual values, [who are] persecuted.”

“We have our own experiences from my home country, because even in Czechoslovakia [there] was the communist regime for a long, long period—for four decades—and they destroyed all values, and I think that for the renewing of values and new mentality, it’s very important, a spiritual style of life and this style of art, because it brings people something very important for them and I admire that.”

“I think that the most important moment [in the performance] is hope—hope and love.”

“Our first president after the collapse of the communist regime was Mr. Václav Havel and he said that truth and love should prevail over hatred and evil, and I think that it’s a really important message even from this performance.”