Former Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Commission: Shen Yun, ‘a performance to recommend’

April 28, 2018

“It’s a wonderful performance, it’s a combination of colors, of harmony, of dance, of music, with such techniques. … It’s a performance to recommend.”

“It’s a shame that this show can be seen outside of China but not in China itself, because after all, it’s about refreshing some traditions, some culture of the Chinese people. I think it’s essential for any nation to not forget its own origins.”

“If you forget your origins–specially today, in a globalized world–you stop being what you were, what you are, therefore, it’s strange that the Chinese people is not allowed to know some of the cultural fundamentals of their origins, of their traditions. To lose your tradition is to lose your identity.”

“The spiritual element is part of Chinese culture–whether you like it or not–that’s a fact. Therefore, you can’t separate the Chinese identity from that aspect, one that shapes its own history and its own mindset.”

“What has really impressed me, because I’ve never seen it before, is that technique of the projection in the backdrop, with characters that go out, go in, when he dives into water and the sound of the splash and the character is gone. That is something that, really, I haven’t seen before in any kind of performance.”

“The music is outstanding. … The dancers are very, very good in this performance. … For me, the added value of this performance is the connection with the culture, and then the technological innovations that the performance includes.”

“There is an energy that is not just physical, there’s something more than physical energy, and it must be the result of that spiritual part, right? It’s obviously very clear that beyond the physical energy–which can be a product of physical training and can be achievable—and many people have it. There’s something else, a complement that I don’t know how it is explained—but it exists.”