Former Ballet Dancer: ‘It’s amazing to see!’

January 22, 2017

“I competed in [ballet] competitions, so it really makes me appreciate just how difficult it is. Coming to this really interested me that way.”


“I think it’s amazing. … Throughout the entire show keeping up that energy. And being able to be so graceful with their movements and also using all the props that they have in the show—it’s amazing to see!”


“The small movements of [the hands and arms] working together, and using their legs, and how they hold their arms, and their posture is very unique and very different. Also how they use the fans or their sleeves and their different ribbons.”


“It’s unique how they can put history into dance, and something with the different regions and the different types of dances that are involved … showing those different cultures of dance.”


“Being able to tell a story through dance is something really amazing, and it’s just nice to see some of these people who are so involved and love to dance, and to be able to share that with the community as well.”