Former Ballerina Says She Is Inspired and in Good Mood After Seeing Shen Yun

December 30, 2017

“It was very nice. I didn’t expect something so beautiful, and it’s absolutely well done, beautifully done.”

“The expressions of the faces and they looked wholesome. They’re beautiful people. And you enjoy something like that. It’s marvelous. So I just hope you come more often here. I know you’re in New York somewhere, and I’m not familiar with that area, but I would enjoy seeing [Shen Yun] again.”

“I love the way they performed. It’s a very nice performance as far as dancers are concerned, and also there just was a lot of joy that they performed.”

“One thing that I’m very, very impressed with is the actors and dancers jump off the stage, and then they’re appearing … that is marvelous. It is just so impressive, it really is.”

“It inspires me, of course. I’m in a very good mood leaving the show.”