Former Ballerina Describes Shen Yun as Refreshing and Amazing

February 17, 2018

“I’ve never been to a show with this amount of cultural input with the performance. I was classically trained as a young woman in ballet but it was really refreshing to see something that also integrated culture with the form of dance. I really enjoyed the show tonight.”

“This is very refreshing and it totally reminds me of why I was so passionate about dance from a young age. I think it connects people in a way that you wouldn’t be connected if you weren’t involved in the arts.”

“Their technique and discipline you can tell is amazing! As someone who’s been raised as a ballerina, their technique is very good. You can tell their discipline is there, and that they’ve practiced and they take things seriously.”

“I really liked, about this performance, [is] that they had somebody who was speaking in Chinese and in English. It definitely brings a cultural piece to [this] performance.”